Friday, May 6, 2011


I strongly believe in this project and what they are saying. PleaseLink support the cause!!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Social networking and the downfall of us all

Anyone who knows me, know I loathe and abhor facebook. Here's my problem: I believe that facebook is the downfall of our society. Why you ask?? I'll tell you.

I understand the concept behind social network sites. Some are used for professional connections, such as linked-in, and some are used to connect people with common interest, such as daddaily. I think we have a lot to learn from each other. However, facebook on the other hand is out of control. Can someone tell me why they feel the need to post every minute of their lives? Do people actually care that you just woke up? Do people actually care that you just took the kids to school or just went to bed? They do?? WOW!! I wish that my life was so un-interesting and boring that I have to check and see what my friends are doing all the time. Personally, I don't care WTF everyone else is doing, and frankly it's no one else's business what I'm doing. My 3 concerns are my family, wife and son. The people posting these things come from EVERY walk of life. Husbands, fathers, wives, mothers, sisters and brothers. (here's where I link this post with my last one) If parents spend more time with their kids and less time on facebook MAYBE we can lessen the drug and under-age alcohol problem. Maybe we can raise kids capable of finding a cure for cancer. I'll tell you what, sitting in front of a computer and posting how much you enjoy a fire, will not accomplish much. There is actually a group of people who want married people to stay off Facebook because, believe it or not, social networks are a growing reason for divorces... wow go figure! I know too many people who spend too much time in front of Facebook and not enough time with their spouse or significant other. So here's my challenge spend less time on facebook, and more time with the ones you love..

have something to say about it.. I want to hear it!!!

From Now On

I've decided to rename my entries. From here on out they will be known as "rants and raves of a middle age guy who refuses to grow up" Or as I like to call i RAROAMAGWRTGU.

Today's entry comes courtesy of the local news... and just about every high school here in town. As of late there has been a rash of Oxycontin related deaths and overdoses. For those of you who don't know.. get out from under the rock you are living... Oxy is an opiate, and used for moderate to severe pain, and is a time release formula, making the high last a longer time. Apparently it's very easy to get, and kids are using technology, like cell phones and social networks, to get the drug. Now, it's being exploited in middle/middle upper class. Locally there has been some issues with kids in possession and misuse of the drug. A local TV station did a special on the abuse in San Diego. Everyone interviewed at one point or another mentioned parenting. There are MANY parents that are not involved in their kids life. Growing up my parents were all up in my business, and to be honest instilled the fear of god in me. I was afraid to fuck up... for fear of the repercussions. I know my parents loved me no matter what, but I didn't want to let them down. I'm very proud of the fact, that in 35 years of my life, I've never once smoked weed or did any sort of drug except alcohol and caffeine. I've never even taken a puff of a cigarette.

So here's my challenge to all parents. STEP UP AND BE COUNTED!! Stop being your children's friend and be a parent. Get involved in every aspect of their life. Ask questions, and most important educate!!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The 100 most underrated Rockabilly/Hillbilly Bop tunes

I just got done reading a "top 100 greatest rockabilly songs" list. (click here to see the list) Now I understand that there needs to be some standards on there, but there are much better records that were cut in the later 50's that went unoticed by the public. There are some songs on that list, that IMO are just OK. Nothing spectacular. (I'm really sick of seeing blue suede shoes) Now, there are some real gems on that list, that will probably be listed below. After reading that list, I was inspired to start my own list. This list will be MY top 100 underrated rockabilly/hillbilly bop records of all time!! As you see I've decided to add some boppin hillbilly tunes that ride the line between hillbilly and rockabilly which I feel deserve to be on the list and deserve some acknowledgement. I'm not doing this to try and be more scenester or more vinatge than thou. I'm doing this because in my heart, I honestly believe that these records were something special!! I don't have the time or patience to do all 100 right now, so I will be adding in the coming days (or weeks, or months..). As of now, this is what I have: (In no particular order)

1. Let's Make Like a Rock N Roll - Don Woody
2. Come back to me - Joe Therrien Jr.
3. Last night At the party - Faron Young
4. Red Cadillac and a Black Mustache - Warren Smiths' version.
5. Whenever You're Ready - Bob Luman
6. Rockabilly Boogie - Johnny Burnette Trio
7. Love Me - The Phantom
8. Careful Baby - "Groovy" Joe Poovey
9. C'mon Let's Go - Ritchie Valens
10.Blue Days Black Nights - Buddy Holly
11.Rebound - Charlie Rich
12.Baby Come Back - Johnny Rivers
13.Cat Talk - Lew Williams
14.Love Bug Crawl - Jimmy Edwards
15.Tell My Baby I Love Her - Johnny Horton
16.Pink Thunderbird - Gene Vincent
17.Movie Magg - Carl Perkins
18.One Hand Loose - Charlie Feathers
19.Everlasting Love - Barbara Pittman
20.Cracker Jack - Janis Martin
21.Hip Shakin' Mama - Jack Cochran
22.Twenty Flight Rock - Eddie Cochran
23.Run 'Em off - Onie Wheeler
24.There's No Right Way To Do Me Wrong - Miller Sisters
25.Looking At The Moon, and Wishing On A Star - Charline Arthur
26.Did You Tell Me - Narvel Felts
27.Everybody's Rockin - Werly Fairburn
28.Sure Fire Kisses - Justin Tubb & Goldie Hill
29.I need Your Love tonight - Elvis
30.Little Girl - John & Jackie (just for jackie's orgasms alone!!)
31.Salty Boogie - Little Jimmy Dickens
32.Crazy Baby - The Rockins R's
33.Boppin Wigwam Wille - Ray Scott
34.If You Don't Somebody Else Will - Jimmy & Johnny
35.Rock'N'Roll Nursery Rhyme - Dave Dudley
36.Tennessee - Carl Perkins
37.Dixie Fried - Carl Perkins
38.You'd better Not Go - Skeets McDonald
39.Don't Push Me Too Far - Skeets McDonald
40.10 Cats Down - Miller Sisters
41.Tulsa Baby - Miller Brothers (no relation to the aforementioned)
42.Jungle Rock - Hank Mizell
43.Oh Boy! - Buddy Holly
44.Changing All Those Changes - Buddy Holly
45.Rave On - Buddy Holly
46.Reet Petite - Jackie Wilson (quite possibly one of the greatest songs ever)
47.The Girl Can't Help It - Little Richard
48.Dance With A Dolly - Bill Haley
49.Stop Beatin' Round The Mullbery Bush - Bill Haley
50.Party Doll - Buddy Knox
-------------------------------------------------------------- Halfway point!!
51. You The Mostest Girl - Bobby Lee Trammel
52. Baby's Gone - Vernon Claud
53. Cutie Baby - Narvel Felts
54. Mean Little Mama - Roy Orbison
55. Kiss Me - Johnny Burnette
56. They're Still In Love - The Collins Kids
57. Cut Across Shorty - Eddie Cochran
58. You Drive Me Crazy - Ray Scott
59. Romp & Stomp - Slim Rhodes
60. I Only Came Here To Dance - Dorsey Burnette
61. You Tell Her, I Stutter - Jimmy Lee Prow
62. Don't Ever Take My Picture Down - Moon Mullican
63. The Shape I'm In - Kenny Lee Martin
64. Hang Loose - Tommy Spurlin
65. Please Give Me Somthing - Bill Allen& The Back Beats
66. Goshamody Whattabody - Glen Goza (that's for you Candie)
67. My Poor Heart - The Strikes
68. True Affection - Byron Johnson
69. Stupid Cupid - Sue Wallach (wallce possibly?)
70. Stomping Ground - Wayne Roberts
71. Long Blonde Hair, Rose Red Lips - Johnny Powers
72. Little Red Wagon - Sonny Fisher (this song in particular, not the Hank Penny Version)
73. Sweet Sweet Girl - Warren Smith
74. Ring My Phone - Brenda Lee
75. I like Your Kind Of Love - Warren Smith
76. Alone With You - Faron Young
77. Just Too Lazy - Farmer Boys
78. Solid Sender - Billy Mize
79.Cast Iron - Peanuts Wilson
80.I Wanna Waltz - Wanda Jackson
81.Hypnotized - Terry Noland
82.Spin The Bottle - Benny Joy
83.Love bug Crawl - Jimmy Edwards
84.He Went Slippin Around - Carter Sisters
85.Baby I'm Ready - The Tunessmiths (feat Carl Smith)
86.I Think You Oughta Look Again - Wayne Handy
87.Doggone I'm In Love - Carl Smith
88.I Can't Dance - Faron Young
89.Jeopardy - Jean Shepherd (not really underrated, but a rocker)
90.When I Found You - Jerry Reed

Monday, July 2, 2007

Thizz is how we speak

I recently came across an absolutely brilliant website I'm not sure how I even came across this site, but now, I am REALLY addicted to it. This website is chockfull of great words that we NOW use as a society. At one point I thought it was sad that we had words like "dubs" instead of "rims" which were once "wheels". Or "bling" instead of "flashy" which was once "jewlery"..or... well you get the idea. Now we have a website, where you, yes you, can submit a word, and it's definition. Definitions for words such as Stunna, bling, Ice..etc. Now The thing that gets me about this website is this: this website is not "rap talk" or ghetto slang by anymeans; (See "s'c'umon"). They even have defintions for fall out boys latest single. It's just a dictionary for the modern times. As quoted from the urbandictionary's myspace site"the editor of webster's 3rd, published in 1961 -- he said dictionaries should document how a language is spoken, instead of dictate how people should speak it. PREACH!" Reading that was a total revelation. At that point it was all clear to me. At first I considered it a sad commentary on the world and youth of today. Now I just realize as time goes on, and as things change, so does our language. What's so odd is that, it seems normal. It doesn't seem out of place for a white guy to say dubs, crunk, stunna, fo shizzle...etc. There has been a big influence on the way we speak due to the popular culture. Look at the fifties, things were swell, and cool guys were cats. Only now it's the new millenium, and things are dope, and cool guys are stunnas. So come one, come all and visit the urban dictionary and get you slang on....

Sunday, July 1, 2007

The initiation

Here it is. My blogspot. I don't really know why I decided to do this. My blog will feature some color social commentary, photography updates, and just plain ramblings. I've found that blogging is a great release and, at times, very cathartic. So for anyone interested, bookmark this shizzzzzznit.